Us: Actions and Inactions have consequences

(AGENPARL) – Washington, 29 jul 2017 – North Korea (NoKo)a launches an ICBM which lands (for the first time) in Japan’s “Exclusionary Zone” waters, just west of the island of Hokkaido!

Experts agree that this shows a capability for NoKo to reach the US West Coast with a nuclear-carrying missile!
Iran launches a similarly capable rocket into space “carrying a satellite”..
Why can’t the world community stop these rogue regimes who openly declare their hatred of the US and the West in general, including the desire to erase Israel from the map by Iran?
Answer: They both have nuclear weapons and “MAD” (Mutually Assured Destruction) which kept the USSR and the US from fighting each other during the :”Cold War”..
They both had nuclear weapons..
Flash back to 1994: In exchange for giving up its nuclear arsenal, left over from the old USSR, Ukraine is “Guaranteed ” its Political and Territorial Security by none other than the US, Russia, and the UK in what is known as the Budapest Memorandum.
Then in 2014, Russia thought the world a sad lesson which the rogue nations mentioned above took to heart:
 If you have nuclear weapons, no one will fight you, no matter how outrageously you behave.
Annex Crimea?
Invade Ukraine?
Where were the US and the UK with their “Guarantees” to Ukraine?
President Obama would not even supply weapons to Ukraine!
Russia has nuclear weapons.
 And so, lessons were learned by Iran, North Korea, and also Pakistan as regards India, that if you have it, no one will touch you!
What else? Well the lesson was reinforced with Saddam Hussein in Iraq who turned out not to have nuclear weapons but was bluffing Iran into believing he had it!
No nukes, he came down, hung by the US like a common criminal!
Then there is Gaddafi in Libya: He actually made peace, surrendered all he had, including his suppliers, namely Pakistan and North Korea/Iran.
Result: he died “like a dog, in a sewer”!
What about Syria: Assad did :renounce” nuclear and was, “encouraged” by Israel which bombed its nuclear plant, but, thanks to delays and inaction by the Obama/Clinton administration, Russia (and Iran) came in and saved the Assad regime from suffering the fate of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.
What now with North Korea? Will China, which enjoys the whole scenario, intervene?
Will Trump invade the north? Will the South invade the North?
This is a “MAD” scenario which these bad actors know well.
We can be sure they will never surrender their nuclear arsenals.
The world will just have to get use to it.
For how long?
Only Time Will Tell!
Actions and Inactions Having their consequences.
Lessons Learned.